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- Providing advice on how to deliver raw materials and interface products from external sources
- Provide Proforma and provide advice on how to buy goods
- Carry out order registration
- Advice on how to obtain an insurance policy
- Tracking and obtaining permits from relevant organizations and organizations
- Provide advice on how to carry and inspect goods at the origin
- Possibility to prepare the necessary documents for Customs clearance







Import of industrial materials

    - Importer of Thermal Transfer Ribbon , Ribbon Wax, Ribbon Wax Resin, Ribbon Resin, Ribbon Super Resin, Ribbon Waterproof, in different sizes.
    -Provides various types of labels: Paper, Polypropylene (PP), PVC (PVC), Metal (Silver), Transparent, Security Label, Warranty Label (VOID Label) And . . .

-Providing advice for choosing consumables appropriate to the type of goods or services to be affordable and having the appropriate performance in different environmental conditions to maintain optimal quality.
Providing, supplying and supplying the best quality label printer and barcode scanner.-  

Import of Agricultural Products

Any natural or abnormal material that is used in agriculture to enhance soil, garden, or farm use is due to the presence of useful materials in it. In fact, soil fertilizer and feed to increase its ability to use it. If we use natural and abnormal fertilizers properly, the product will be much richer.

Agricultural pesticides
Agricultural pesticides are very necessary and necessary to prevent the loss of quality and the loss of crop products by insects. Of course, agricultural pesticides play a decisive role in the quality of agricultural products, so if these poisons do not have the required quality, they will be destroyed and burned.

Import of various types of liquid, solid and agricultural pesticides
The liquid fertilizers of the company are recognizable with Bio prefix and solid fertilizers with a farm extension.
Companies are specialized in importing and distributing best foreign chemical fertilizers. These centers can identify the best products and act to meet the needs of their customers. Already, for a significant proportion of farmers, foreign chemical fertilizers are among the best and are easier to prepare. That's why they come to the importers and produce the best product. One can see the import of a large volume of specialized chemical fertilizers.
In this regard, this complex has the ability to provide advice on importing and supplying various kinds of chemical fertilizers and agricultural pesticides and is active in this field. The holding company Arya has ordered the ordering of various types of approved pesticides by the country's organic plant, various organic and chemical fertilizers and raw materials for agricultural inputs to its customers, and will bring to our beloved country from all the knowledgeable countries in this field. The company provides technical expertise to new self-employed specialists to prescribe various types of food programs tailored to the type of cultivation and climate conditions of the Valuable farmers.





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Arya Holding was established in 2002 with the aim of providing specialized trade, shipping and clearance services. During these years, he has been able to provide international Transport services


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